Under one week (3-8 oz):

  • Eyes are shut.
  • Ears are folded down.
  • Kittens are unable to walk. They can purr and make tiny noises. The umbilical cord may still be visible.

One-two weeks (8-11 oz):

  • Eyes start to open (they are blue) and focus.
  • Ears begin to open.
  • Movement is improved to crawling, snuggling, and kneading.

Three weeks (7.5-14.5 oz):

  • Eyes fully open
  • Ears are open and standing up.
  • he kitten will start to respond to noises and movement. The first wobbly steps are taken and baby teeth start to come in.

Four-five weeks (8-16.75 oz):

  • Running, playing, digging, and pouncing occur often.
  • Kittens will start to wean and will be able to lap up formula, eat soft food, and use the litter box by themselves.
  • Eyes have fully changed from blue to their adult color.

Eight weeks (2 lbs):

  • Kittens look like little versions of full grown cats. This is the best age to begin the socialization process.

At this age there are a lot of home hazard such as chemicals, places where they could get stuck, harmful objects that they can swallow and get poisoned or choke, etc.

Keep kittens secured in small empty areas with their litter tray, and food one meter away from litter tray and a soft, warm bedding.

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