Successful Stories

We like to THANK YOU  for helping this animals to a happy ending.

Sparta's happy ending in her forever home.

6 months old puppy found with a huge untreated injury , to read her full story click on the photo on the left.





Little Sparta , after her surgery , fragil and in pain.




 Finally ,the brave puppy after her ordeal in her forever home , where she will be a loved family member.


SPARTA's case was successful ONLY because of "YOU" all the people that helped financially, offering her a home, passing by the clinic simply to offer her a little love.




Ultimate Cookie Monster

This is the story of the ultimate Cookie Monster as she is now known. My husband and I moved to Dubai about 3 months ago and wanted to be dog foster parents .  Friends of animals got in touch with us and were thrilled to have us on board. Then one day I get a call from Montserat telling me we were going to .. click to read full story

Lovely ending to this old fellow finding a home to retire

The story was published in GulfNews  within 48h, we received few calls but there was one particular caller that sounded very special.


He told us: don't make a decision, meet me and Alex (his other rescued dog) then, make a decision.When Mr. Saleem came to meet the old dog , after few minutes the dog sat next to him , allowing him to be touched , embraced , hugged...The dog faced the man and licked his face with fervidity . Mr. Saleem looked at me and said; Montserrat , this is my dog.The dog is now fully integrated and part of the family in Abu Dhabi.


Two Husky/German Sheppard crossed homed within 24 hours to a loving home

This lovely dogs were living in a terrible conditions and had 24hours before taken by the authorities .
By morning they were driven to their new home.

Shang a true lesson of trust

Shang, a truly lesson of trust. He collapsed outside 5* hotel. Dehydrated, injured, abscesses, lacerated paws, covered with dog bites.


Few days after the rescue, a nice family having another German Sheppard, offered him a forever loving home. He spends the evenings getting full attention and having long cool swimming sessions in the pool.

Puppy found in a construciton site: no food , no water...

FA found me a loving home within 48 hours.

My new family talks to me in a very funny language that I do not understand yet ...but love has a universal language!

PLEASE animals by fostering, the rescued pets will ALWAYS find forever homes , just like mine.

REX was out of a home, victim of jelousy

REX was a very loved pet at first, until the wife developed a  fear that he could be getting more affection than her... and problem started. The husband worried for the dog wellbeing, contacted us with a broken heart to put him up for adoption.

Today he has an amazing home where the whole family workship him for been such a loving loyal pet.