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Young  Akela was a very happy puppy doing all those funny things that puppies do .  The evening of the 25th of March Akela's unexpected change of circumstances will place her on a situation leaving her asking for help.

As usual, Akela her  owner were out for her routine evening walk . A red GMC  Sierra truck with tinted window was driving to worth them at normal speed. 
For some unexpected reason  the puppy got excited and came loose from the owner's hand , causing  her to jump  a meter away from the pavement onto the road . The track was coming slow and with full lights and Akela's  owner, hold his breath and made and impossible maneuvering effort to get hold of his little puppy... but it was too late ! The track drove over the little dog and drove away from the owner that in shock could not believe what was happening . The track's wheel went over her and continued driving  at the same speed , leaving her  screaming in pain so loudly that residents came out of their homes to see what was going on.  Although that was evening and the German Sheppard puppy had black fur , the wheels going over the poor animal screaming and people running out of their homes could have aware the truck driver that when he perceived the ordeal behind him , accelerated and disappeared from the road.

Akela was rushed to the emergency veterinary hospital where she was hospitalized . She has third degree burns from the accident over one third of her body and has lost a third of her body weight. She is fighting an infection at the moment and need constant care in a sterile environment. Every two days the little puppy goes to the vets to change the bandages and despite to have large parts of her body on complete row skin , she still have the gentle gesture in licking your face when you approach her.

For the next 6 months she will be needing regular treatment and she will go a series of plastic surgeries intending to narrow down the damage area . As much as the clinic is trying to help , there will be a cost involved. Akela's owner has been out of a job for the last 2 months and is currently attending all job interviews that he can find. He will continue to paying for the little dog's treatment as soon as get an employment offer .

Should anyone wish  to help with her treatment kindly email us at  info@friendsofanimalsdxb.com



Young Akela has had the first surgery around 12 days back . The vet is waiting for some skin to grow to undergo the second surgery . Large area from where the skin was wounded has been fixed and stitched together .Akela life is not at risk but due to the skin damage will take a very lengthily healing process.

Thanking Dr. Rai for the fantastic surgery.




On Sunday 24th a lady was taking her dogs for a walk at 7am as usual in Zakhar area, Al Ain. Few meters in front of her there were some unusual embossed silhouettes that she could not make out what they were , until she was close enough. She realized that the mysterious shapes were 5 dead dogs ; positioned well aligned on the ground one after another : as if been part of a satanic ritual.

Shaken from the dantesque scenario , the whole picture got from bad to worse when she noticed that blood was splashing out from the dogs' noses , mouths , ears and eyes. There was tight plastic ropes around their necks, creating an immense pressure causing the inert animals' eyeballs to almost pop out...They were strangled!

A clean knife was position few centimeters from the first dog's lower abdomen: Was this a message awaiting to be decipher , or the job, from some absentminded in a hurry?

Police arrived at the location few minutes after dialing 999, and within 15 minutes , waste management representatives were speechless while removing the bodies and the knife.

2 days later the whole story was emailed to us ,and right away we contacted the under shocked lady , logged a complaint to Abu Dhabi Municipality and requested

Raghad Auttabashi from Al Rahma in Abu Dhabi to join forces and assist us in the case.

By next day Al Rahma representatives were in Al Ain , heading to the police station , Al Ain Municipality and FA were in contact throughout of the day with the Executive Director of Agricultural and Animal Affairs at the Ministry of Environment and Water that did not hesitate to order the respected authorities to open and investigation and to take immediate action. The whole case is under investigation, police inspectors were sent again to the location in question in search of any evidence or witness, that could lead to clarify the whole case and bring the individuals behind this unspeakable act to justice.

Reputable universities worldwide have conducted series of studies establishing a close link between very famous serial killers , high scale criminals, etc., and the practice of animal cruelty from an early stage of life.

What appears to be transparent in this case is that , the individual or individuals behind this aggressive and sadist behavior expresses a perturbed mind or minds .
Who can assure us that next month it could be children instead of animals?

If you have witnessed anything or you know anything , please contact us or contact Al Ain Police station.

"Your VOICE can help to put an end to animal cruelty, please sign the petition to request the enforcement of the Law N16 for Animal Welfare




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Al Rahma Society in Abu Dhabi is urgently looking for fosterers, for more details please contact Raghad Telephone: 050-6829291 Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=686065865&ref=ts#!/groups/126695727405920/


RAK Animal Welfare Center in Ras Al Khema Urgently looking for volunteers for more details please contact Dr. Ellen Telephone: 050 4321872 

Email: info@rakawc.com